The Global Food Security Index
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Marchesini, P. (2016). The Global Food Security Index. Studia Bioethica, 9(3), 95-102. Retrieved from


Food systems today are under increasing strain from population pressures, high input prices, changing consumer patterns, dramatic weather, and price shocks. As DuPont talked to governments, NGOs, and farmer organizations around the world, we came to realize that while people shared a common goal of food security, not everyone shared a common language for understanding the drivers of food security or assessing vulnerabilities country by country. And, while literally billions of dollars were being spent to address global food challenges, there was no comprehensive way to measure food security and the impact of investments and collaborations at the local level. By creating a global index and providing open access to the data, we believe it will promote conversation and collaboration among all stakeholders across the food value chain, generate insights into how food security can be advanced and stimulate action to feed a growing population. In this context, the Index looks at the underlying factors and key risk areas affecting food security within a structured, rigorous framework.
PDF (Italiano)